Business iQ


What is Business iQ?

Business iQ is an industry first that translates code-level monitoring into immediate, clear and actionable insights, by correlating application performance, user experience and business outcomes. From the end user frontend to the application backend, AppDynamics is the premier platform, unifying full stack performance monitoring for business and IT departments.

Measure how your application performance impacts Business Health

Business Health dashboards help you understand how application performance impacts your customers and business. Stream and surface contextual insights that show you how performance impacts key business KPIs. Business iQ provides a unified and correlated view of business performance, technology performance and user experience.


Monitor and get alerts on the most business-critical paths within your application

User Journey dashboards identify critical steps users take with specific conversion events or other milestones in the customer journey. Find out where and when users abandon your application to identify latency or other potential performance challenges.

How Does it Work?

Application Analytics powers Business iQ, a powerful component in AppDynamics. Integration of all of AppDynamics performance engines results in a dynamic, accessible set of data for every business transaction. Business iQ extracts the data, generates baselines and dashboards, and provides perspectives beyond traditional APM by enabling real-time analysis of business performance correlated with your application performance.

You can use Application Analytics with the APM, Browser RUM, Mobile RUM, and Browser Synthetic Monitoring product modules for:

      Transaction Analytics

      Log Analytics

      Browser Analytics

      Mobile Analytics

      Browser Synthetic Analytics

Analytics Data Collection

Using Application Analytics

View the Loan Approval Modernization Comparison

Let’s look at the side by side comparison of the loan approval process, the before and after that validates the improvements our team has made.

1 . Click on the Dashboards & Reports option on the top menu.

2 . Double-click on the Loan Approval Modernization Comparison dashboard to open it.


Compare the Difference and See the Value

1 . The conversion funnel analysis includes a series of events that lead towards a defined goal.

  • Funnels return the number of unique actors that successfully (or unsuccessfully) make it through a series of business process steps
  • In this case it shows the number of unique loans that made it through each stage of the loan approval process
  • Notice how much improvement has been realized in terms of the number of loans processed and the overall conversion rate


1 . With Business iQ we can capture and validate the improvements we’ve made reflecting the monetary value of approved loans.

  • The value of all the approved Person loans
  • The value of all the approved Business loans
  • The Total value of all approved loans

2 . Business iQ makes it easy to correlate the performance and health of each step of the loan approval journey.

3 . We can also gain valuable insight into the segmentation of different types of loans approved.


We can see how AppDynamics Business iQ helps application teams drive key outcomes and accelerates your IT operations and your business. You can take a deeper dive into:

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The Business iQ dashboard seen in this section is a custom dashboard and the content it contains is real-time, dynamic, and reflects the data gathered from AppDynamics APM agents.


Let’s review what we’ve learned and observed in the Modernize section.