What We Accomplished

We’ve seen how effectively Alex and his team were able to modernize, baseline, and validate during this phase by utilizing AppDynamics.

Select Modernization Technologies and Scope

Alex and his team were able to utilize AppDynamics to make a fast and accurate assessment of the required items below:

  1. A container orchestration solution that can automate the process of scaling, managing, updating, and removing containers.
  2. A storage solution for audit data that is secure, can scale, has redundancy, and supports high ingestion rates.
  3. A highly resilient relational database solution that offers Multi-AZ capability with automatic failover to achieve high availability.

Baseline Performance and End User Experience

Alex was able to quickly gain an accurate understanding of what the performance and end user experience measurements were for the application while refactoring during the modernization effort. Utilizing AppDynamics, his team got deep insights to all the following key indicators of success:

  1. Overall end-user experience online
  2. Business transaction performance
  3. Component and service level performance
  4. Conversion rate in online user journeys


In the next section we’ll look at how the CloudOps team utilizes AppDynamics to operate with speed and efficiency while at the same time maximizing customer experience.