Cognition Engine


What is Cognition Engine?

Cognition Engine is a collection of machine learning algorithms that give you the power to automate anomaly detection and root cause analysis, drive intelligent alerting and dramatically reduce mean time to resolution (MTTR) through insights and automated actions.

With AppDynamics you can unlock the power of machine learning and AI to navigate the complexity of the digital first world and deliver a world-class user experience with our patented Cognition Engine.

The Cognition Engine initially gathers key data points over eight days to create an intelligent baseline model before it starts to surface anomalies. For this reason we will provide examples in this section of how the Cognition Engine detects, alerts, and visualizes application anomalies.

Dynamic Baselines


Anomaly Detection


Root Cause Analysis


Intelligent Alerting and Actioning


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In the next section we’ll look at how the AppDynamics Cluster Agent provides cloud operations with a detailed view into the health of Kubernetes clusters.