Welcome to the Advanced Observability with AppDynamics workshop!

In this workshop you will learn how AppDynamics Observability can help you apply modernization strategies that keep your digital-first organization moving at speed, ensure operational optimization, avoid unnecessary risks, and maximize your innovation!




Throughout the workshop you will experience how a ficticious firm, AD Financial corporation used AppDynamics Observability to overcome their application modernization challenges, as well as how AppDynamics provides visibilty catering to perspectives of the different personas of their teams as they work together to modernize and optimize their applications and operations to maximize innovation in a highly competitive market.

Learning Objectives

      Gain real-time visibility of your application topology including all components, dependencies, and activities as they are automatically discovered and mapped out.
      Measure the performance of key business transactions in your application both before and after your move to Kubernetes to validate the success of your modernization effort.
      Make sure application performance is fully optimized by your infrastructure with server, database, and native cloud visibility when running managed containerized services.
      Dramatically reduce mean time to resolution and proactively detect performance issues using machine learning and artificial intelligence to automate anomaly detection and root cause analysis.
      Visualize the entire user experience journey across your application and view performance to identify bottlenecks, prioritize issues, and determine the most frequent paths taken by end users.

Who can benefit?

      Technical leads
      DevOps teams
      Operations engineers
      Infrastructure teams 

Workshop Structure

  The workshop is divided into the sections listed below. Plan on 2.5 hours to complete the course.

      Prerequisites (10 minutes) - Create and configure a Cloud9 instance, an IAM Admin Role, and check for EKS resources
      Workshop setup (30 minutes) - Run a script that creates AWS resources, deploys applications, and configures AppDynamics
      AppDynamics Advantage (10 minutes) - Review how AppDynamics provides value to your modernization effort
      Workshop exercises (90 minutes) - Divided into three modules: mobilize, modernize, operate
      Cleanup Resources (10 minutes) - Run a script to tear down workshop resources