Gina is the CloudOps Team Lead for the modernization project at AD Financial. Gina and her team use AppDynamics with confidence, knowing it provides real time monitoring into all components of any modern architecture their applications are built on.


During the modernization journey thus far, we’ve covered many perspectives of the deep visibility AppDynamics provides with:

      End User Monitoring

      Flow Maps

      Business Transactions

      Servers and Containers


      Business iQ

We’ve seen how these features can accelerate all the phases of a migration and modernization project, including the value those features bring to an IT Operations team.

Now let’s take a look at some of the other valuable assets within the AppDynamics Platform we’ve yet to cover. Assets that enable your IT teams and your business to operate with speed and efficiency while at the same time maximizing your innovation, customer experience, and your brand.

      Cognition Engine

      Cluster Agent

      Cloud Native

Optional: You can explore the artifacts that were utilized to deploy the application and AppDynamics agents associated with this section by navigating to the following directories listed below that are located on your Cloud9 instance:




In the next section we’ll look at how you can unlock the power of machine learning and AI to deliver world-class user experience with AppDynamics Cognition Engine.