Update Cloud9 Workspace


Turn Off Managed Credentials

Cloud9 manages IAM credentials with temporary credentials by default. This is not currently compatible with the EKS IAM authentication, so we must disable it and rely on the IAM role we just created instead.

  • Return to your workspace and click the gear icon (in top right corner), or click to open a new tab and choose “Open Preferences”
  • Select AWS Settings
  • Turn OFF AWS managed temporary credentials
  • Close the Preferences tab


Validate the IAM Role

Use the GetCallerIdentity CLI command to validate that the Cloud9 IDE is using the correct IAM role.

aws sts get-caller-identity --query Arn | grep AppD-Workshop-Admin -q && echo "IAM role valid" || echo "IAM role NOT valid"

If the IAM role is not valid, DO NOT PROCEED. Go back and confirm the steps on this page.