AppDynamics Advantage

Avi and his team selected AppDynamics during their initial migration effort to AWS, knowing they would utilize it for any future modernization efforts.

AppDynamics allows enterprises to confidently move applications to the cloud and modernize them to utilize new cloud services, while ensuring smooth experiences for applications running on AWS.


Migrating and Modernizing Workloads with AWS

AWS Customers typically go through a four-phase journey to accomplish their objectives. Based on the many years of experience, these phases constitute the AWS methodology and best practices. These are further supported by AWS services and partner products for migration and modernization.

AD Financial first utilized the proven guidance and practical steps found in the AWS Migration Guide when initially migrating their applications to AWS. The same phases used in the initial migration will once again be utilized for our modernization project:


What is AppDynamics?

You may not be familiar with the visibility AppDynamics provides for the different layers of your application:

  • Microservice visibility based on our APM product
  • Dynamically instrument your microservices
  • Distributed tracing with detailed diagnostics to identify bottlenecks
  • End User Experience monitoring for browser and mobile apps
  • Deep insights for Databases (supporting over 10 Database vendors)
  • Real time business performance analytics and monitoring

And most importantly, the key benefit of our integrated platform, is the ability to correlate between these layers. So if there’s a performance issue with your browser app, AppDynamics has the ability to correlate that with potential microservice performance issues that might be the root cause. The same applies to our business performance monitoring. You can build a real time view of your business KPIs like loan application processing, based on events in your end user and microservice applications. Being able determine if there’s a issue with a microservice that’s negatively impacting the business KPIs leads to better business outcomes.


Take a moment to watch this quick ( < 3 minute ) video to get an understanding of the advantage AppDynanics provides for Migration and Modernization projects.


In the next section we’ll join Nathan and his team as they utilize AppDynamics to accelerate through the Assess and Mobilize phases of the project.