AD Financial Web UI


AD Financial on the Web

Before we login to the AppDynamics console to observe the pre-modernized version of the application, let’s take a quick look at the web interface of the application from an end users perspective.

Use the following steps to find the URL to the web site:

1 . Go to your Cloud9 console and click on the Preview option at the top

2 . Then select Preview Running Application from the drop down

3 . Now click on the button to the right of the “Browser” button to open the web page in a new browser tab


Login to the Web Site

Use the following steps to login to the web site:

1 . Type in batman for the online id / user name

2 . Type in any password of your choosing

3 . Click on the Sign In button to login


Now that you are logged in, you should see the different accounts for the user:

  • Personal Checking
  • Personal Savings
  • Auto Loan
  • Home Loan


Click on any of the four accounts to see the transaction history. You can click on the Accounts tab on the top menu to navigate back to the accounts summary screen.



We’ll walk through the login process for the AppDynamics Controller that you’ll be using throughout the workshop.